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Harry George Hawker

Australian Pioneer Aviator

100 Years of Intentional Spins - Salute to Harry Hawker

As a tribute to the first intentional spins performed in aviation, eight-time Master Instructor Rich Stowell recently published a 5-1/2 minute YouTube video demonstrating the spins done by aviation pi...

Duxford to Southampton in a Catalina in Memory of Harry Hawker

To commemorate 100th Anniversary of the Circuit of Britain Race (a challenge sponsored by The Daily Mail in 1913, for the first pilot to fly around Britain in a waterplane) the oldest airworthy amphi...

Thomas Sopwith Documentary 1984

Thomas Sopwith who lived from the first days of flight through to the jet age. He died in 1989 aged 101.

Harry Hawker Centenary Celebrations Loughshinny 2013

Sopwith and Hawker involved in waterplane air race, 1914. Film 11178

Waterplane race in 1914. Harry Hawker starts from Southampton in Hampshire being watched by Mr. Sopwith the owner. Sopwith and others in a launch. Good close up of Hawker with Sopwith standing furt...

Lucky Day - Mrs Hawker & Mr Sopwith (1914-1918)

Lucky Day - Mrs Hawker tells Mr Sopworth that Sunday is her lucky day.Location of events unknown.Group of friends; young men & women; standing on steps outside house; talking. Women we...

Ship That Saved Hawker Aka Ship That Said Hawker (1919)

Item title reads: "Denmark - Hawker's Rescuers,- The ship, the captain and the crew who saved Hawker and Grieve"Denmark.CU Of the captain of the cargo boat 'Mary' that saved the transa...

Mr Hawker - Transatlantic Flight (1914-1920)

Title - 'Will he do it? Mr Hawker - the "favourite" for the "Daily Mail" £10,000 Transatlantic flight'. Location of events unknown / unclear. CU men standing around with Mr Hawker in ...

The Last Tribute (1921)

Item title reads - The Last Tribute. The passing of Harry Hawker - Prince of Airmen. Hook.We see the coffin as it is carried down the street followed by the mourners. M/S of mourners filing ...

Thou Shall Not Perish

This is a tribute to all air innovators and test pilots, regardless of nationality, affiliation, or preferences. These individuals have devoted their lives to improving the technology of flight. This ...


A Real Força Aérea, a primeira do mundo, nasceria só em 1º de abril de 1918, tendo Lord Trenchard, seu primeiro comandante.A Royal Flying Corps, era o destacamento aéreo, do exército inglês, e seu...

Saved From The Sea (1919)

Titles read: 'Falmouth. Saved From The Sea. All that is left of Hawker's aeroplane.'Cornwall.Remains of crashed aeroplane pulled from ocean. Shot of crane on a pier lifting the plane...